verb - to be drunk.

A Scottish slang word for being intoxicated.
'Alison had 8 jager-bombs last night, needless to say, she was mugged by 11 o'clock.'
by HPftw September 18, 2012
Top Definition
to be robbed of your personal belongings by a stranger when you are walking down the road.
"Man, I was walking back from my mates house last night and this guy took my wallet and my cell phone. I can't believe I got mugged."

by robot// June 09, 2007
Paying extortionate prices to have an urban dictionary definition printed on the side of a mug.
I got mugged!
by robatt March 24, 2010
to drink copious amounts of vodka with various mixers in mugs. sour worms are usually added. the more amazing the mug the more vodka the mug must contain.
kate, tash and i got so mugged last night
by tea tramp June 02, 2011
when people make a screwed up face at you when your not looking.
Nik Harken just got mugged on all night at that party man.
by Fizznart June 02, 2009
a word to describes ppl that a fuking ugly its the best of both worlds.past tense if mugged and the now is mugly =)
r..: YO did you see that guy??@
k..: yeah man he so mugged
by supa dupa kimmi =) June 04, 2005
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