A pronoun used, in a non affirmative context, in only the chillest of circumstances.
Are you going to eat that mug?

Let's kill those mugs.

Are you all up in that mug?

Let's go hit up that mug.

Lets landscape that mug. (Hispanic context)
Basically the same exact definition as gay. not the homosexual meaning
"Putting that pizza box under my windshield wipers would be so mug."
by Sasha Kay December 09, 2007
man jugs

preferably when a man's breasts are not only huge, but take the shape of those of a woman's
"dude!! check out the mugs and that guy"
by Troy Past January 02, 2007
adjective; a word used to emphasize the chillness or coolness of an action or item.
That drink was as smooth as a mug.
Peyton Manning's spiral is as tight as a mug.
by Young Mozy November 18, 2008
A hug that's being shared by two males
Dave and I aren't gay, we're having a mug!
by AngelResc August 15, 2009
Conjunction: A "man hug", a hug shared between men.
"Uncle Jon mugged me as soon as he came in the door."
by Drippy Basturd December 25, 2008
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