A male person with a Bald head.
hey that is person is mugs (i.e. bald)
by xzibit2007 March 20, 2007
adjective; a word used to emphasize the chillness or coolness of an action or item.
That drink was as smooth as a mug.
Peyton Manning's spiral is as tight as a mug.
by Young Mozy November 18, 2008
A hug that's being shared by two males
Dave and I aren't gay, we're having a mug!
by AngelResc August 15, 2009
Conjunction: A "man hug", a hug shared between men.
"Uncle Jon mugged me as soon as he came in the door."
by Drippy Basturd December 25, 2008
a term used to refer to someone
"what's up mug" similar to "what's up foo"
by kamhp February 18, 2005
a cup
In the expression, "Hotter than a mug," it means like when you might hold a mug WITHOUT A HANDLE that is filled with a burning beverage. The expression is used in this way in the Spanish language.
by Aloha Lady September 29, 2009
Mug = Idiot, jerk, thug, dim-witted person, somebody who is stoned 24/7, poser, somebody who acts like a "tough guy" but doesnt know his arse from his elbow.
1. Cor, what a mug!

2. Ere, I aint a mug!

3. That geezer up the road is a right mug!

4. You mug!
by Kent Paul October 31, 2004

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