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The result of a person farting with a dick in their butt.
Tom's choice of beans last night resulted in a bad case of muffled trumpets when he was getting pounded by Jerry.
by Josh Hudes March 16, 2008
When you sense you lady friend is about to flatulate in the act of cunnilingus, reach your hand between her loins open palmed and gently press against her bum hole, and control the release of wind at your discretion.
Jake: "I can't go down on my wife after Taco Tuesday, if you know what I mean."
Matt: "Yo, you gotta play the muffled trumpet. Works wonders with Lexi. She loves it."
Jake: "Just get up in there?"
Matt: "I straight Miles Davised Lexi last Tuesday. Just take it into your own hands. Pun intended."
by bboymono January 28, 2015
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