Term denoting a female; usually of mixed or mediterrainean ethinicity that wears a full head of very curly, very pastry-like hair.
'Chelsey Clinton' looks like a straight 'muffin'. Or; 'I'm going to the coffee shop to pick up some java and a muffin'. Also; 'Don't wear that jacket tonite, you'll be straight 'muffed up'...'
by Eon Books March 23, 2007
with a vagina.
"damn, look at that hairy muffin."
by Anne Frank May 18, 2008
When you poop in your hand and shove it in someone's face.
I just gave Kennedy a freshly baked muffin.
by l337m4nj00 March 17, 2006
a noun describing a suburban area caucasian woman with a household annual income greater $250,000.00 and overall assets of one million.
westin woman are in the muffin club
by SwannyPower June 09, 2005
(n)- A certain teacher of Ancient Greek at a certain summer camp for talented youth in a certain Amish city in Pennsylvania.

See related: booty
God, the Greek Freaks are getting really scary with their incessant muffin stalking!
by The Muffettes January 28, 2005
A muffin is someone who is totally dense, kinda slow, stupid, and is the constant source of jokes.
Ryder asked Anna out, ha! She's way too good for him. Then he asked who Hitler was. WHAT A MUFFIN!
by Brittany October 11, 2003
a muffin is a vagina it sprouts when it get real hot and wet.
my girlfriends muffin was squirting at me letting me know its ready
by Big JUls August 22, 2004
a name for the part of ones body where your back makes an ass of its self and splits into two sections. Commonly referred to as "butt"
Her muffin butt is so cute
by Blackmeowcat July 14, 2004
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