Boob spillage, as in when a woman wears a bra that's too small, as in muffin-top.
I need to go bra-shopping this weekend. I've got a serious case of muffin tits today.
by J_r September 04, 2008
Top Definition
Noun -
Referring to any woman.
"Hey, Muffin Tits!"

"Did you just call me 'Muffin Tits'?"

"Yeah, because that's what you are, girl. A Muff 'n' Tits."
by Beau Barber June 01, 2007
When a woman has breast implants and her nipples become extremely large, and become puffy
Rachel had a boob job last month, and damn man, she got some muffin tits.
by TAD March 04, 2005
A cute girl (usually smaller) with perfectly proportioned, round, perky breasts.
Did you see what she was wearing today? Trying to hide them perfect little muffintits.
by theoddsmaker February 17, 2009
Where some of the breast is coming out the top of your shirt and bra. It forms a quad boob effect
Muffin tit is also linked to quad boob
by Josie20 June 08, 2009
Rachel Lesuer.
something hot.
and tizzite.
"oo muffin tits! whereever did you go!?"
by Cheeko December 22, 2004
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