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When a woman has breast implants and her nipples become extremely large, and become puffy
Rachel had a boob job last month, and damn man, she got some muffin tits.
by TAD March 04, 2005
70 44
Noun -
Referring to any woman.
"Hey, Muffin Tits!"

"Did you just call me 'Muffin Tits'?"

"Yeah, because that's what you are, girl. A Muff 'n' Tits."
by Beau Barber June 01, 2007
75 31
Boob spillage, as in when a woman wears a bra that's too small, as in muffin-top.
I need to go bra-shopping this weekend. I've got a serious case of muffin tits today.
by J_r September 04, 2008
37 17
A cute girl (usually smaller) with perfectly proportioned, round, perky breasts.
Did you see what she was wearing today? Trying to hide them perfect little muffintits.
by theoddsmaker February 17, 2009
5 1
Where some of the breast is coming out the top of your shirt and bra. It forms a quad boob effect
Muffin tit is also linked to quad boob
by Josie20 June 08, 2009
7 4
Rachel Lesuer.
something hot.
and tizzite.
"oo muffin tits! whereever did you go!?"
by Cheeko December 22, 2004
12 52