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party with too many girls; as opposed to a sausagefest, which is a party with too many guys
laura: Did you go to that party?

margaret: oh yeah, but there were only girls there

laura: sounds like a total muffin basket
by karenthechthulu March 30, 2011
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The type of condom used by guys that have a choad.
Dude you have a choad so use a muffin basket. they wont break on you
by Jake Albrecht January 23, 2009
When a girl is wearing a short top that exposes her stomach, and wearing a tight skirt or jeans - where the fat rolls over the top of the jeans or skirt, is called the Muffin Basket.
Damn Jerry - that girls got a muffin basket the size of your car!
by Nick from hTown August 20, 2006
A Noun (person, place or thing)which is stupid and or gay.
Anyone who enjoys watching reality TV is a Muffin Basket.
by Chip Borowsky October 02, 2003

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