People who take part in the action of muff diving e.g lesbian whores.
Ur a fucking muff divers you fucking whore, now kiss me.
by patches o'hoolahan July 16, 2006
Someone who likes to indulge in the diving of the muff, usually female, but Jeff Stokes doesn't mind that...
She was a trained muff diver.
by PH March 19, 2003
One Who Dives In Muffs (aka Vag.)And/Or Is Addicted To Sex
Dude That Kid Cotter Is A Muff Diver
by CoReY f August 08, 2006
a women who is a lesser and enjoys spending time in other ladies "muff's" (hense the name)is nicknamed a "muff diver"
julie likes muff, bloody muff diver
by Shaun Elgar January 08, 2008
a.k.a. "licking the meat curtains"
it's a great day for muff diving
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
A muff diver is another word for a lesbian. It does not always refer to oral sex, it is just a derogatory term for a lesbian or someone that you are calling a lesbian to be harsh, when they are not.
'she is a muff diver'
by HappyJeans February 10, 2006
when a man/woman eats/licks a womans roast beef drapes with their tounge
'Sera wants to muff dive Ashley tonight'
by Tingles and Sweets September 01, 2004

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