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Nickname for a guy who is amazing. The best boyfriend ever. To call someone this is to say they are the "greatest". It defines the meaning of what it is to be better than Lord Zeb or Megatron. Beautiful, caring, affectionate, cautious, tasteful, charming, funny, hilarious, loving.
That's my Mudz.

I love Mudz.

Where would I be without Mudz.
by Helena loves Mudz August 29, 2006
24 8

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groovy. mike mikey said like mu-dz the best
ultimate homosexuality
"gee that guy is a real mudz"
"haha yeah no shit"
by Peter Andre March 02, 2003
22 25
hi my name is mudz
by mudz March 02, 2003
9 15
To be a faggot, and like ramming goats
no u
by EHHEHHEgoatse win March 19, 2003
6 18