A mud shovel is the term used to describe any long, hard tool that is used to perform anal sex.
Baby, open the gates to your brown barrier so I can dig for sump'n wit mah mud shovel.
by Larry December 04, 2003
Top Definition
A word I found out about through an interview with Aaron Lewis (the lead singer of the (great) band staind. he was asked why it was called "mudshovel" and he said it was a term for anal sex and h thought it was the funnuest thing he ever heard so he wrote as song about it. The mud being the shit in a girls ass and the shovel being the peins in it.
"dude, I had mudshovel with a hot bitch last night!!!"
by Nate June 19, 2003
Using your tongue to clean someone's anus.
I just took a huge dump and my ass is a mess, could you mud shovel me?
by DougPGH January 02, 2011
A person who will eat anything.
Bubba's a mudshovel...I seen him eat a 3 day old tuna sannitch.
by harry flashman July 11, 2003
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