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Anal Sex
Howard Stern show guest, touting book on the pleasures of muddy love.
The pleasures of muddy love are transcendent.
by bababooey October 15, 2004
Getting a little shit on your dick; hot, sloppy anal sex.
"Muddy Love? Wasn't that Jerry Lewis' alter ego in 'The Nutty Professor?' Bend over."
by creedmoor October 15, 2004
As described by howard stern to be the act of pounding a girl's shit in when she has a crap on deck as to create a puddle of mudd.
I gave that broad muddy love and then whiped her face in it.
by Phi Macrackin October 15, 2004
Intense love for the Toledo Mudhens. Most notably shown by old time players for them. Especially Ed Crankshaft and Fred "Dusty" Duncan.
Dusty: Hey Ed, there's a Mudhens game on the TV tonight. Want to watch it?

Ed: Oh yeah, big time muddy love, man!

Dusty: I bet we're in it, too! This must be from at least 1945.

Ed: Once a Mudhen, always a Mudhen. You never lose the muddy love!
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 22, 2010
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