when someone hasn't showered for a couple days, has done some serious sweating, basically been able to wash their crotch for an extended period of time
"Man, Jill was all about messing around last night but I had just got bad from the gym and had nasty mudcrotch"-Chris

"How was the camping trip?"-Chris
"Meh fine but after not showering for three days Stacy had some mad mudcrotch, and she kept wanting me to go down on her"-Rory
by ChirsM May 20, 2008
Top Definition
a female crotch infected with diseased dirt injected by another human being
Man that girl has mud crotch...stank that noise.
by Pmilli902 May 29, 2009
(Adj) word to describe a brunette's pubic hair (similar to fire crotch describing a red head's)
I went down on that girl, and she totally had a mud crotch.
by Stephanie D November 04, 2007
When a girl wipes back to front and pieces of poo get stuck in her pubes.
I was about to go down on this girl but I realized she had mad mud crotch, so I said, "hell nah, put your pants back on and get the hell out, bitch... unforgivable!".
by sir poop crumbles April 27, 2008
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