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A dumbass club for a bunch of homosexuals.
Muckmiester on created Muckology for all the dumbasses like him. These people include JT09 Cameraboy Haugy LSU DragonLady Chavez (and his little Miata)LFPIMP LF ADAM DRAGON88 Dpierce37 scott a HHI Dave ontrider Hollywood david-d and craig-r and many many others.
by UnoWhoItIs December 04, 2007
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A fast growing religion (or what some would consider a cult) created by the Muck Brothers and overseen by REV. Muck Meister. The difference between Muckology and other popular religions, is it's apparent lack of structure, idealogy, laws and Gods. (Although some consider the Muck Brothers "God's" of sorts)

Muckology is also different for every individual, it encourages a very liberal outlook on life while letting each follower set their own rules. Muckology is open to people of all faiths and Muckology's only actual law is to honor the Muck Brothers and other followers.
Joe: (Reading a poll on America's most popular religions) Where is Muckology listed?

Fred: It is basically so popular that it doesn't count... It's more like a way of everyday life.
by Lowly Follower February 02, 2007
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