Much- Where one changes one's default picture on some sort of social network too much.
Trina changed her default picture to much.
by JesusTrollLolol June 12, 2011
Pronounced mootch. Very nice boobs that are just the right size
Austin: whoa thats blond has some nice much
Wu: ya her boobs are pretty big
Austin: I wish everyone had much like that
by likeasoooomboooddddy January 12, 2011
much is the act munching of human toes. Formed in the act of muching - the first mucher pronounced munch with no n ultimately creating the world of much.
Person 1: 'Could you much me'
Person 2: 'I've been muching all night'
by Eddstar March 06, 2010
A disrespectful ending of a phone conversation.
Caller 1 (Tool): Ok, if you can help me move later that would be great....Talk to you later...

Caller 2: Much later.
by Genius GZA September 15, 2007

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