mtv is the death of music just like political correctness is the death of comedy
fuck the world......
by ////`_`\\\\ kill hippies August 19, 2004
Top Definition
Democratic party PROPAGANDA brought to you by the multi-billion-dollar Viacom corporation. is funded by Democrat billionaire George Soros!! = funded by Soros

Michael Moore is a millionaire who makes propagandist crockumentaries for the far left.

Hollywood are all fuckin wealthy bastards who are using YOU!

Remember that the next time you're sucking your latte` at Starbucks bitching about the rich and big corporations you brainwashed leftwing retards.
Jello Biafra is Mtv's whore!!!!
Democratic propaganda that was created by MTV and Viacom corporation. It leads stupid kids into voting Democrat without examining any details about either candidates because so many punk bands hate Bush.
If MTV has THAT much an influence on stupid teens, maybe I should convince them to tell them to kill themselves so there won't be anymore MTV fans around.
by nikkan_hanil August 17, 2004
Jello Biafra get off your boyfriend FAT MIKE!!!!
aww you you two are cute

for a couple of corporate whores

do you get paid to use your anuses as manginas?????
the ONE and ONLY good thing to come from MTV since 1994.
mtv rock the vote may be liberal propaganda, but then again, liberals are usually right.
by king of canada September 09, 2006
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