The most wonderful, anti-black, boner to the moon, craziest, whitest drink ever. It makes black men cry the there moms in the field and makes white man rule with other worldy power.
It is the grape drank of white people. Its what rednecks buy when they cant afford beer. Its what your baby drank in the whome. IT IS GOD.
by niggersreallysuck108 June 13, 2011
Top Definition
The crap new name of mountain dew. Everything about the old logo is better.
"Why the fuck did they change the name to mtn dew?"

by baseracer January 26, 2009
Mountain Dew's shitty way of 'revolutionizing' what they call a drink.
Yo... Marty go get the m-t-... wait I mean mtn dew, oh shit I MEAN THE MOUNTAIN DEW.
Mtn dew is amazing in every way
Mtn dew is good Cuz I said so
by Gdude0723 May 20, 2016
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