MTF has a VERY high potency, One of the BEST type's of weed in the US. MTF (Matanuska Thunder Fuck!) is rare because it is grown out in "The Valley" (A.K.A Matanuska-Susitna or Mat-sue) of ALASKA!
Tourist: Aye homie I need a dime bag of this magic weed "MTF" I keep hearin bout.

Alaskan: NIGGA, DIME BAG!? You can have this shit(MTF) here by the Eighth, Ounce or Quarter. I dont break bags foo. This shit here is M T F.
by Byron Yesno December 03, 2008
A transgender woman, short for male-to-female. Considered incorrect by some, because it implies that trans women were originally men, which is considered cissexist.
Person 1: She's MTF trans?
Person 2: She doesn't like the term MTF, just use trans woman.
by MysticalMorgan June 04, 2015
Medical Acronym (usually the ER) for Metabolize To Freedom. Meaning letting a drunk or high person sober up till they can walk out.
pt medically clear. dispo after mtf.
by Ratchet, RN July 21, 2010
More Than Friends. People who are close in nature but are not dating. Also reference fuckbuddies and friends with benefits.
Fred: "Is it just me or are ya'll really close?"
Me: "Yeah but it's nothing serious. We're MTF."
Fred" "MTF??? What the hell?"
Me: "yeah, MTF... you know, more than friends???"
by DrakeVanBuren November 03, 2010
More to follow.

This terminology is often used especially within the military (I.E. if someone gives out a list or set of instructions that are subject to change at any time, they end it with "more to follow").
Tonight, I'm going to hit the hash pipe, borrow my friend's car; then we'll see where the night takes us from there. Mtf..
by acesfilter February 09, 2009
Mother Texting Firetrucker - an expletive phrase created by Winona for her mother Helena in response to her constant use of chatspeak to text, comment on facebook, & other social networks like a teenager despite being 45 years old. It employs the use of the firetruck word in lieu of the more inflammatory word created when one drops the "iretr" from the middle of "firetruck".
Helena: lolz! ur funny! cu l8r, k?

Winona: MTF...
by LakotaGirl May 26, 2012
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