My way of communication with alotof people who would not talk to me nromally or have moved too far away from me to see them!
Msn messenger is the best thing ever!
by pink_punk May 25, 2005
An attempt to further dominate the cyber world by Microsoft.
Is msn messenger superior to the other IM's? No, but Bill Gates likes it.
by numerator May 02, 2005
Currently causing the breakdown of society and the reason why most of us teenagers cant speak or write properly.

Probably will have some part to play in the eventual demise of the human race.
I likez msn lolz.

The whole world-wide nuclear attack was organising by al-qaeda on MSN Messenger. LOLZ.
by Robin Hoodie February 20, 2009
This is how most teenagers talk, this is used to flirt and talk to other teenagers. Adults are wary of it and all assume we are talking to perverts.
Wanna talk later? - sure we'll talk on msn messenger
by Natalie August 09, 2004
An IM client for pure n00bs who are too stupid to use IRC or ICQ. So n00b are they that some even get addicted to posting poorly worded and spelled messages to their friends. They only use it becomes it comes installed with Windows, yet another reason why Linux kicks Microsoft's pansy ass. N00bs are unaware of the spyware that the Micrapsoft Corporation has imbedded into its IM client. Tech-savvy people, however, are forced to use this MSN Messenger because their idiot friends don't know shit and picked this IM client over another. Thankfully, there's Trillian.

MSN Messenger is reffered to by hardcore techno-savvy folk as "BSN Messenger."
"Geez, that dumb teenage bitch I call a daughter uses MSN Messenger to whine with her braindead friends. What a n00blet whore!"
by 1337W422102 September 24, 2005
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