Metropolitan Statistical Area

In the USA this refers to an urban cluster (continuously built up area,) or clusters of 50K people of more each, the county it (or they) sit in, as well as the counties (or townships in New England) where significant numbers of people commute to and from that county. It includes urban (high density,) suburban (lower density,) and exurban (rural nonfarm) areas, as well as farmland.
Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA)

Definition: Geographical divisions, determined by the United States Office of Management and Budget, for the purposes of census data and other urban population calculations. The divisions are primarily based on urban areas, and tend to follow town or county borders. The MSAs can also be broken down into smaller “Metropolitan Divisions.” Previously called Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area (SMSA).
by Miskatonic Jack 2 November 14, 2010
short for mad shit attack.

When you have a sudden and urgent need to take a shit.
I had an MSA while walking to the bar the other day, so I went in someones backyard and wiped with an old newpaper.
by Jack Burton October 02, 2004
Male Supremacy Association
enough said.
Yo girl make me a sandwich! Up top for MSA.
by founder of msa July 10, 2013
Mets Suck Ass
Ron Santo used to say, MSA
by Pathetic Cubs Fan September 11, 2011
MSA acronym of the infamous Australian graffiti artist crew,
the Melbourne Suicidal Assassins;
active mainly in Melbourne (also in other Victorian areas, and Adelaide and Mt. Gambier, in South Australia) from the mid-1980s; arguably one of the greatest and most talented graph crews produced by Australia, of course its creation inspired by the original and greatest of all, the New York graffiti scene. How-ever 'talented' and/or 'artistic' its members were, they were well known for their hardcore activities and indulgences, sometimes resulting in members' deaths, hence their behavior living up to their name 'suicidal'. Interests of the group included death metal music, a singular addition to the normal hip-hop association of graf crews (resulting in the sometimes used Mass/or Melbourne Satanic Alliance/Allegiance tag), and excessive drug and alcohol consumption. M.S.A. were actively pursued by various police groups for their prolific graffiti of urban infra-structure including Australian trains and also were accused of engaging in occult-like practices and satanic activities, possibly actually involving the associated group, S.A.C. (the Satanic Anti- Christians).
M.S.A. sometime associates/members included artists of the crews A.K.A., D.M.A., A.C., W.C.A., S.A.C., T.D.C., T.H.C., L.S.D., R.D.C., F.M.C.,
K.S.A./3174, R.F.K., F.T.W., F.D.M./3216 and others.

Many surviving members, such as DSKIZ, ZAM-1 and KAB, are now more conventionally established artists.
"M.S.A. are old school man, they rock hard."

"Dskiz (disguise) and Emesay (MSA) are among the originators of graffiti art in Australia".
by Mr. E. M. Esay March 21, 2008
Metropolitan statistical area. Long way of saying suburbs.
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by DJ-BILLZ March 14, 2005

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