a body massage machine is a vibrator.....so a mr. body massage machine is a vibrator....it's just a fucking vibrator
"I'm going to the drugstore to get a Mr. Body Massage Machine!I'll be pretty occupied for the next few hours, so don't call me."
#vibrator #personal pleasure machine #machine #vibrates #name
by One of the other Alexes February 13, 2008
Top Definition
A term only used when picking up dangerous broken electric wires from the road and throwing them away. It is mostly used by bald African American men driving green jeeps while wearing orange pantalons.
Mr. body massage machine GO
#hey check out that thing man #what do you want to do with it #let's launch over it! #who want a body massage? #what did he just say to us? #mr body massage machine go
by GilvaSunner January 24, 2012
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