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The best social studies ever to walk the earth. He has god-given hair and is totally cool. He has almighty powers to kill anyone that makes him upset just by staring at them. He is basically Chuck Norris x3. If you thought Chuck Norris was bad-ass, you obviously have never seen mr sacco. According to ancient myth, mr sacco was a demigod, or possibly even a god himself, and in true form, you would not be able to set your eyes upon him. Although, it may as well be the same in his mortal from. And no, he is NOT that Ron Pope guy. He is 20 times better looking and is not a queer. Just by saying his name, you have cursed yourself. Oh and by the way, Chuck Norris is a descendant of the almighty Sacco. If you have never heard of a Mr sacco, you probably have heard of his other known aliases. Some being a) The Sacconater. b) The Sacasaurus. or c) JESUS. *CAUTION* If you see or hear a warning about a Mr Sacco nearby. Run as fast as you can away rom him for dear life (even though we both know you won't escape.) Oh and also, Mr Sacco's favorite students are Brendan and James, (mostly Brendan though) who created this present.
And please Mr Sacco, hang this on the side of your cart in memory of us.
Example 1- Mr Sacco walks in a bar.

Bystander 1- ITS A MR SACCOOOOO!
Bystander 2- SHIELD YOUR EYES!!!
Mr Sacco- RAWR

Example 2- Bruce Banner is talking to some dude

Some Dude- I totaled your cadillac yesterday.
Bruce Banner- You wouldn't like me if I was sacco.
by CREEPINxDEATH June 20, 2010
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