Popular audio format. Abbreviation for MPEG 1 Layer3.
Dude, my MP3 collection pwns yours!
by ScYtH February 05, 2004
(n.) A music file that can be downloaded of of P2P programs or internet sites. The spread of this file type has caused many people to rip off music illegaly, causing recording artists to shit in their pants because they are losing 3-8% of their profit.
The RIAA shit in their pants when they saw my MP3 collection.
by fraghappy November 06, 2003
File format used on computers for music or sound samples. Mp3's can be obtained legally or in most cases, illigally; Mp3's is how most internet users get new music.
I'm downloading some mp3's from kazaa lite.
by Nemesis6 February 10, 2003
A plural for spelling MP3.
Dude, I got a zillion mp3s on my iPod!
#music #ipod #mp3 #sound #audio
by [GUNr]RocketGib August 20, 2006
An outdated but still very popular lossy audio codec.
Shorthand for MPEG-1 Layer 3.

Notorious for its totally gross quality at low bitrates (128 and below). Usually considered good enough when created by a good modern encoder (LAME) with VBR quality 0-3, that's usually 160..320 kbps. Although people with the most sensible ears say that its model is designed in such a way that some sounds will be thrown away or distorted even at maximum bitrate.

Nowadays there are lossy codecs which are more efficient and superior to MP3 in all ways: Opus, Vorbis, AAC, Musepack are the most widely known of them.
Great band! I must go "buy" their discography at torrents… damn, it's only in mp3. I wish I had worse hearing.
by magicgoose December 13, 2015
A shitty audio format which removes the detail from uncompressed lossless audio files, which sound so much better than MP3, WMA or any lossy file format around the 3 MB range.
MP3 may be good for basic talk and space saving, but terrible for music.
#low quality #horrible #lossy #artifacts #bad
by judenihal January 26, 2010
An audio file format. Generally used to illegally copy, download and share music files, usually grossly low quality, incredibly irritating when the only file type available for downloading (i.e. itunes). Takes up more bytes per qualitum than WMA files, yet gets chosen over them because it has no restrictions on illegal sharing.
I didn't have enough money for the Anberlin cd, so i downloaded it from wal-mart's website. Little did i know, they stopped selling WMAs, they only have fucking MP3s now. It sounds horrible.
#wma #cd #sucks #itunes #music
by your mom's anarchy May 09, 2008
A condom that was used by a man or woman in the previous night. It is most likely that it has red dragon on white dragon on it (it varies). The next user usually does not care since he/she may be too desperate to have sex or pleasure.
James used the MP3 after John used it on a whorish woman. John told him, "This MP3 shit is great, here use it."
#condom #mp3 #con #sex #red dragon #orgy
by tehblackmanhood April 24, 2007
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