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A method of killing someone by shooting them twice in the same spot in the chest and once more in the head.
That girl is dead. How? She got mozambiqued.
#mozambique #kill #shoot #murder #shot
by Alehandre December 10, 2007
a close quarter tactical method of killing a target with two shots to the chest and one follow up shot to the head. the technique may also be called a triple tap, or failure to stop drill. the phrase was coined by a rhodesian mercenary named Mike Rousseau while he was serving in Mozambique. Rousseau later relayed a story to a gun enthusiast and author named jeff cooper in which Rousseau was fighting in the airport in the city of Maputo. Upon rounding a corner armed only with a 9mm pistol he encountered a F.R.E.L.I.M.O. fighter armed with an AK-47 he quickly fired two shots into the torso of the target, when the target was not immediately incapacitated he fired a third round which hit the target through the neck and severed his spine.
great Shooting two to the chest one to the head" "yeah They got Mozambiqued real good
#mozambique #shot #murder #killed #mozambiq #double tap #triple tap #head shot #shooting #close quarter
by quickdraw407 February 09, 2011
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