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Nickname of small time, amateur DJ in Melbourne, Australia. Never appeared in person, only known for several remixes and mashups. Known as 'Michael' on website and goes by the 'worldswildestwog' alias online.

Known by others as: Mr. Dub. For use of repetitive vocals in mashups.

Pronounced: Mout-z. Commonly mispronounced as Maw-tz
Man 1: Hey, you know that guy Moutz?
Man 2: Nope.
Man 1: Oh...
by Brett Forbes January 24, 2007
A person who streaks nude in public for kicks.
Commuter 1: Look at that moutz, his c*ck is flopping all over the place
Commuter 2: My word.
by Graphite feck October 09, 2008
Someone unattractive, not very good looking, dog-like in apperance - pronounced m-uh-ts
That guy is f**ken moutz
by Vallivero September 19, 2006
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