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A man's ejaculate in his partner's mouth
Jim expected me to gargle his mouthwash after I gave him a blow job yesterday, Sue told her friend Jennifer. I did it before swallowing, but I hope thee boys get more mature when we get to high school.
by BRD May 04, 2005
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(n.) For straight men, it's cunt juice. For gay men, it's cum. Same for gay and straight women.

See cum and cunt juice.
See also snowball.
As I blow you, you're going to shoot your white hot mouthwash into my open oral cavity.

Belinda took all of Stephanie's mouthwash down her throat while they were munching monkey.

John and Mary gargled each other's mouthwash and hummed a tune simultaneously.

by Robert E. Porter August 08, 2007
A product for people who are too lazy to brush their teeth
You: I use mouthwash
Friend: You're fat, aren't you?
by 13awesometrick37 July 28, 2010
What you need after a good blowjob.
While I enjoyed the fun with your dick, I really need some mouthwash.
by Stardust Pixie February 17, 2015
a code word.
could mean:
alcohal, weed, cocaine, etc.
"hey, man are we still getting the mouth wash tonight?"
by TAKA GUESS September 11, 2007
When a male puts 2 or 3 mints into his dick hole, leaves them in there for a few hours and pees into a womans mouth. The pee will have a minty flavor. After about a week, the mints will violently and painfully slip out of the penis
I made mouthwash for my wife 3 weeks ago and she loved it. When the mints exited my dick it hurt, but it was de
by kenny the greatness May 08, 2010
Extremely cheap liquid that is used to disinfect the mouth and to achieve "fresh" breath. Unfortunately this substance is abused by most wagon burners. Despite the cheap price they often steal it from convenience stores, who's shopkeepers let the indians escape for fear they might get stabbed. Upon stealing the mouthwash the indian consumes the entire bottle, resulting in extreme drunkenness (equivalent to drinking 2 cases of beer and smoking 3 joints laced with paint thinner) permanent brain damage, significant abuse to the indian's friends and family, and if lucky, the indian will be arrested where he will get to sleep in a warm bed with working plumbing in jail.
Indian 1: (Heavy accent, lacking most teeth) Man, Damon was fucked lasht night eh'? Anyways, he drank two mouthwash and slept at the shelter.
Indian 2: (Heavy accent, no teeth) Man, I found like 3 smokes on 'da ground by 'da Shell.
by AUb27 February 06, 2008

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