a piece of cardboard from a pack of cigarettes rolled up and stuffed into the bigger end of a blunt. Stops particles from flying into your mouth, AND gives optimal smoke flow.
1.) You want me to put a mouth piece in this shit?
2.) Take that fuckin mouth piece out dude! The weed almost gone!
by Nigga Dee January 07, 2009
the end of a blunt,joint that is rolled smaller and making it asymmetric.... jb patent mouth piece
*========> or *====\ = mouth piece
by tetsuo01001 April 21, 2009
charming ladys
i got mouthpiece that makes girls break up with their boyfriends
by sambeeni the ninja January 25, 2004
Dated criminal slang for a lawyer, especially a criminal defense lawyer
My mouthpiece is trying to get me to plea bargain my deuce down to a reckless.
by cornholio October 09, 2003
Synonym to blow job for a high ranking official, a cabinet member or a president who has to lie to keep his job.
The president got his oval orifice a mouthpiece and lied about it.
by the whorenorable me September 11, 2004
An exceptional mouth on a girl designed to perform felatio at higher than average quality
Hey meach look at that girl over there bet she can give some good mouthpiece.
by Disgustin July 28, 2008
The point at which a man's dick meets his balls.
"Shut up and put your lips on my mouthpiece, bitch"

"My mouthpiece is going to be the smartest thing that ever comes out your mouth, bitch"
by Johnny Dice, Sr. September 11, 2008
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