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The act of ejaculating into a female's mouth, thus causing a pregnancy of the mouth.
I skeeted in yo mouth, now I have to pay child support fo yo mouth baby.
by Dayumshawty June 08, 2010
73 54
Act of delievering your man juice into a willing participants mouth.
Oliver: "Hey Kyle what did you do last night?"
Kyle: "I got home from work and had my lady come over to help me make mouth babies."
by King Pele March 06, 2008
47 29
(n). The sperm dumped in a mouth when a guy cums from a blowjob.
Damn, that guy is so hot I would totally have his mouthbabies!
by boltman69 May 25, 2010
3 0
Babies conceived in the oral cavity during a makeout after both parties have performed oral sex on one another.
My girlfriend and I forgot to brush our teeth after 69-ing, now she's knocked up with mouth babies.
by not_taylor July 27, 2013
1 0
To transfer spit orally. aka, getting off with, making out
Betty: Me and Gillian made gorgeous mouthbabies last night
Trisha: As long as that was the only babies you were making!
by Pixiepoojab May 07, 2007
2 5
A term used to express one's gratitude
"Dude, if you get me those WHAM! tickets I'll totally have your mouth babies"
by rayjayjohnson September 25, 2007
5 24
the art of sucking someones face off...
Check out those dykes their making mouth babies big time
12 38