The act of oral sex. A synonym for fellatio.
Jen was so hot for her boyfriend, she gave him a mouth hug in the car since she couldn't wait to get home.
by TN TAG September 07, 2007
The act of fellating another person, usually in exchange for favors or other benefits.
J: Why'd you promote that product so much?

Z: I did it for the mouth hugs!
by Verocious June 14, 2013
The act of giving oral pleasure(fellatio, cunnilingus) to someone's genitalia whether it be male or female. Sometimes it can mean to passionately kiss someone with lots of tongue.
Hey Sara how would you like to give me a mouthhug!
by eclipsehome May 27, 2009
The art of sucking a penis. Hugging the penis with your mouth.
Girl: I am totally thinking about giving Gary a mouth hug...

Boy: Tammy sucked my dick real good last night.
by megmouse816 September 30, 2014
The act of vigorous fellatio. giving head
I'm going over to Johnny's house to give him a mouth hug.
by Foxy cleopatra September 20, 2013
Getting the mushroom tip of your man tube slobbered on by a bitches mouth. Or for you fags out there, buy a dude.
Yo shaquisha gives some of da best mouth hugs.
by Gemologist Nigga November 20, 2013
a woman's lips around a man's cock.
Mind has gave me the best mouth hugs ever, sh swallows my cum til my toes curl.
by jtsgirl September 14, 2013

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