cock holster
I think you have something in your teeth, open your mouth a bit... ah, Your cock holster is full of bull shit, I got a tool that can fix that.
by eric the great the second January 01, 2012
a person (esp. a female) that is all talk (ot text) but no action
holly is a mouth, especially when viewing webcam
by Chrisson April 03, 2006
the only hole on your body that has teeth, unless your like a retard or something...
Mac Todd like to put other peoples dicks in his mouth.
by TayCoth February 10, 2003
Mouth is when you prove someone wrong, also see "in your face". Can be used any time you and another person have an argument and you win
person 1: The jets are better than the giants
Person 2: No way we are so much better
Person 1: we made the playoffs you didnt
Person 2: o
Person 1: MOUTH, MOUTH
by Nick March 13, 2005
a girl or bird who talks too much with too much common slang
"allright kidda laaaaaaaaaar"
"alright lid"
by jackie July 11, 2004
derived from the term "put my balls in your mouth". Usually thought of as more polite.
Hey you, mouth!
by quag mouth October 05, 2003
A body part that isn't realli thought to be 'sexual' but realli is. I mean, what part of the body a) Does the licking, sucking and blowing. Not to mention the biting. Basically the mouth is another sex organ.
Get your mouth off my dick! STOP BITING ME BITCH!!!!
by giudizio August 01, 2003

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