A body part that isn't realli thought to be 'sexual' but realli is. I mean, what part of the body a) Does the licking, sucking and blowing. Not to mention the biting. Basically the mouth is another sex organ.
Get your mouth off my dick! STOP BITING ME BITCH!!!!
by giudizio August 01, 2003
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Nickname for a character in the greatest movie of all time'' The Goonies" who quotes the famous line "Yeah?! Well this one! This one right here! This was my wish! My dream! And it didn't come true! So I'm takin' it back! I'm takin' 'em all back! *plunges into the water*
*Mouth is fricking awesome! Although Chunk and Data are better!
Hey You Guuuuyyys!!
by GCKA November 02, 2003
1. A person who talks too much and tells everybody's business. Secret leaker

2. A person who talks trash

3. An unexpected guest for dinner.
1. "I don't know how everyone knows I only told one person."
"yeah but that one person you told was a mouth"

2. Mouth got his a$$ kicked at the club last night.

3. "I only made enough for US, I didn't know we were going to have a mouth"
by Trinide April 18, 2007
slang for oral sex
She gave mouth like no other!
by jay dot canTnonE September 05, 2003
a person whos all talk no action
jenny is a mouth
by nunya April 17, 2003
vagina number 2
Sally: I'm on my period
Billy: It's ok, I'll use you're other vagina*

The other vagina is her mouth*
by sexygirl101hotblonde4 August 21, 2011
A lesbian punk band from Tasmania, related to the Sea Scouts. Their name is Tasmanian slang for cunnilingus.
Mouth really opened up the Tasmanian punk scene to LGBTI bands.
by Heinous Choob April 29, 2011
to talk tough or to swear profusely.
kyle likes hairy ballsacks WITH mouth
by lookit. December 05, 2009
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