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to puke or vomit many times in a projectile manner
damn that girl just mouth shat everywhere!
subway smells delicious but when you leave it smells like you mouth shit all over yourself.
by Cockasaurus rog June 02, 2009
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When someone takes jokes from comedians, or jokes from popular television shows, and just say them aimlessly to try to get a cheap laugh.
Man that kid over there keeps quoting lame ass Dane Cook jokes, he keeps that up and all of Dane Cook's jokes will be mouth shit.
by agent orange69 May 18, 2009
When you're standing over a toilet, taking a piss, then you cough up phlegm and spit it into the toilet.
Damn, I was so sick, I took a mouth shit.
by JAC89 August 16, 2004
A synonym for vomit
"Man! I drank way too much last night! I was mouth-shitting all over the place!"
by rambler12013 July 16, 2008

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