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cunnilingus performed by a male
Jeff gave Sarah the best moustache ride she'd ever had!
by Pimpinaintathang January 27, 2011
One-sided definition describing the male performer in an oral sex act.
Person 1: "Who wants a moustache ride?"
Person 2: "I do; I want one."
by G-Diddy June 23, 2003
when a babe rides dudes face like a wild pony
yo brenda when you comin ova fo da moustache ride, and by that i mean ride my face
by Anonymous September 04, 2003
variant of "going the growl" although this maneuver requires one lovely lass upon ones moustache ( or womb broom) in a rug munching manner.
After a lovely evening, I took her home for a moustache ride.
by tronald dump July 18, 2013
when the person giving oral sex has a mustache
Who wants a mustache ride-this is a quote from the nude scene in suupertroopers for the less educated people out there
by fuckingsupercop March 06, 2005
cunnilingus performed by a lesbian with a moustache.
Hey pam! wanna go for a moustache ride?
by steadpuppy July 15, 2011
Oral Sex
Who wants a moustache ride?
by Anonymous May 06, 2003