A sneaky little bastard that can only be seen out the the corner of your eye as it jumps into your food cabinet. Upon inspection, it is no ware to be found until you open your Costco size industrial box of Lucky Charms, and there he is. Pissing and shitting into your priceless box of little rainbow gems. Pissing you off so much that you willingly camp out in your kitchen with a 12-gauge, just waiting for that little mother fucker to come out. Of course he doesn't come out until after you have got up and put your gun away, you walk back into the kitchen and there he is, shitting on your floor while he laughs at you. He will always be watching you. Laughing. Judging.
Hmmm, I feel like a wonderful box of delicious Lucky Charms. *Opens cabinet and looks into box* A FUCKING MOUSE!! *Throws box on ground a stomps on it, picks it up and looks in it* WHERE DID IT GO!?!?!? Looking over on the table, there he is. Watching you. Laughing at you.
by mountain doobies August 06, 2007
Plural for the word Mouse. More than one mouse, often used to define mammals, but can also be used to refer to more than one computer mouse.
I have 3 pet mice. I have 10 computer mice.
by Lino Alibani September 22, 2005
1)A type of animal.

2)A device on a computer used to move the cursor.

1)Today we went to the pet shop and got a pet mouse. I named him Mickey.

2)Oh no, my mouse is broken! Now my cursor can't move and I can't click anything on the computer!

3)We got to see a mouse is sex ed.
by Newbia June 23, 2004
word used to desribe a senior boy who mouses out who hits on a freshman girl since he is unable to get anyone in his own grade
high school --> senior mousing on freshman
senior is a mouse to freshman girl
by Lebron James/Nikki Minaj February 23, 2011
A stupid girl who sleeps with 3+ guys in one night. A gold digging backstabbing hoe.
Ray is sooo...Shhh Mouse is coming
by Laughsomuch1101 January 19, 2011
a person in any context.
me: what up mouse

you: just chillin and grillin, how about them mouses are they coming over?
by fisk mastre April 28, 2009
A Furry little mammal that does nothing useful except eat your food and shit and piss all over your house and spread diseases, and they make great cat food lol (cats catch them)
Theres a fucking mouse in the house again gotta set some traps, get the gun :)
by coondog1234 July 23, 2008
A woman's genitals. Exchanged for the slang pussy.
She's got a sweet little mouse on her.
by Col. Dr. April 23, 2006

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