1. a man who takes pleasure in getting lots of mice and making them run all over their dick

2. sombody whos fetish is mice, so dresses up as a mouse when they have sex or makes their partner do so

3. sombody who gets a boner at disney land when the guy in the mickey mouse suit walks past
1. at pet shop
SHOPKEEPER: "so this is quiet alot of mice your buying, are they all for you?"
CUSTOMER: "ummm... yeah, sure..."
SHOPKEEPER: "really? because i like to fuck 'em"

2. in bed
GIRL: is this really neccesary?
GUY (in suit): hey, yesterday you made me wear that latex dildo suit, and it gave me a reaction that almost killed me!
GUY IN MICKEY MOUSE VOICE: now bend over and take it like a little bitch, HAHA

3.at disney land
JEFF: duuuuuuuddddddeeeee i am so fucking horny right now.....
STEVEN: what the fuck is wrong with you??...... yeah me too....
by the awesome-inator April 26, 2010

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