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A mountain lion is similar to a cougar, only it refers to an UN-attractive older woman seeking younger men. The only difference between the terms mountain lion and cougar are that cougars are usually somewhat attractive, and mountain lions are usually quite ugly. The mountain lion's natural habitat is at bars.
I was walking back from the men's room, and a mountain lion tried to attack me with a crotch grab!

I thought I spotted a cougar across the bar, but she turned around, and was definitely a mountain lion.
by WuBang3R December 18, 2006
1. A person that seems impossilbe to make friends with, but someone usually manages to.

2. a large american wildcat

Dude, you're friends with Matt?
That guy's a total mountain lion!

Look, a mountain lion on that ridge!"
by Lexi James April 01, 2012
The Food Loin equivalent of mt. Dew. Generic but yummy and refreshing. Cheaper than the real thing!
I cant afford Mt.Dew...gimmie a Mountain Lion, Dude.
by Islandgirl08 August 26, 2008
50% mountain dew 50% pink lemonade, lots of ice and a squeeze of fresh lemon ideally drank out of a bendy straw

sends a tingling rush of cool refreshing bliss throughout your body
bf: hey baby can i get you something to drink?

gf: yes, get me a Mountain Lion.
by magsmen77 January 15, 2016
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