Pimples or acne on a person, normally the nose
wow, you have some disgusting mountains

<throws up>
by anonymous June 18, 2006
(noun): Indicative of coffee grains laced with meth, especially from local joints like fred's coffee. You know it's meth when there are photos of mountains on your van - and tinted windows mean it's really a druggie vehicle. These types of mountains are most prevalent in the northern united states, mostly in small cities all over Maine. Another word for a mountain is a wenus.
Let's pick up a mountain to put on our pancakes at early bird, just like confectionery sugar!
by Latarene May 03, 2008
v.: really cool, awesome, rad, etc.
"i bought cheetos at wal-mart today"

"dude, you totally mountain!"
by Jared Funk April 16, 2008
an erected penis
So, I saw his mountain, I really, really, liked it Jane.
by ItsPigeon July 16, 2016
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