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only at the mount....
-is your school haunted
-is you plumbing 150 years old
-do you use any excuse to leave class and roam the fourth floor
-do you know and believe that there is a "blue nun"
-do you constantly pick hair off your classmats sweaters
-are you/or half your class sleeping during mass
-confessions are a once a month nap time
-are boys scared to come on the premisis bcs of the one and only mr evans
-do you and your entire class share homework in the morning
-do you get off fortampons in the toilet
-do you have hott tan girls all year round
hott girls school in catonsville
by laur April 24, 2005
where everything you have ever heard about catholic school girls come true...

the best all girls catholic school ever
the hottest prep girls
by christina May 06, 2005
wow, reading all the rest of these defninitions is pretty embarrassing to see how people fight w/ each other over the internet for the world to see, As for the Mount, you either love it or hate it, there is no in-between. We've got it all from blue nuns, to hidden tunnels under the school, to the cupala.
"Only at the Mount"
by cruiser101 May 11, 2005
whoever said we all were sluts and fake ~ i think that you are thinkning of your new school hunny. it was a good try though.

btdub ~ i have most def seen u with ur popped tell me...WHY do YOU pop YOUR collar?
mount de sales lovvvva
by spoken like mom May 06, 2005
One of the Top 50 Schools in the United States! There is some drama, but not a whole lot. When there is drama it is over something important! Like boys or shopping or something like that! Most of the girls are preppy and very outgoing! We all have an awesome personaility! We all have a lot of school spirit! Their are only a few big sluts! But, not a lot! There are some weird like gothic ppl that freak me out! I really like Mount de Sales and i think you would to, if you gave it a chance!
Pretty, Preppy...Girls
by Caitlin H May 05, 2005
well to get started off the school sucks, smells, and the only thing good about the school would happen to be their soccer team. AWESOME. they literally have 3 black people in the whole entire school. Mount De Sales home of the ugliest girls in America. congrats!
mount de sales
by frag February 12, 2012
nun want a be's
weird bullying girls
major major drama
druggies galore
sluts galore
stepford wives created here
Mount De Sales is a scary school. don't even think of being an individual here. Nuns would beat you if they legally could. This is really a school for kids who have parents that don't want to parent. Education is old fashioned and taught by reallllly bad teachers. Not worth the money at all and not what they say they are!! The dances really suck. Don't let the other entries fool you. They have already been indoctrinated.
by catholic girl May 10, 2008

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