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Pussy Rag. Very strong curse, showing you thing very lowly of this person. that he is a bad person, with no ethics. Son of a bitch
Aftos einai megalo mounopano. He is a big Pussy rag.
by AndreasKifissia November 05, 2005
Greek slung.

Mounopano: cloth or reusable pad which were widely used to collect menstrual blood before the invention of sanitary napkins. Women often used a variety of home-made menstrual pads which they crafted from various fabrics, leftover scraps, grass, or other absorbent materials, to collect menstrual blood.
You adressing it to someone if he is indescent, bastard, scum
-I have heard that this mounopano became rich after he embezzled some money. Nobody caught him, as usual...

- Look at my car. Someone hit it while parked and he did not even bother to leava a phone or something. Ti mounopano...
by panossak October 30, 2009
Pani gia ton katharismo tou mouniou tis ginaikas.
Ton pairneis apo ton kolo, mounopano tou kerata
by Kostas Tsampikas November 09, 2003
literaly means a cloth to wipe one's pussy
koita ti malakia ekane pali to mounopanop
by mrfortune September 28, 2003
A bloody rag used to stem a woman's copious menstruation. Infers that the rag is often used, recycled and supersaturated with menstrual blood Derived from modern greek slang. Often used in insulting and derogatory fashion.
Frank is sniveling like a fucken squirrel again. He's such a mounopano.

Get the fuck out of here, you stinkin' mounopano.
by HellenicConsult May 08, 2009

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