A sexual position or the act in which the girl has her hair tied up in pigtails, and while hitting it from the back in doggy style the man grabs on to the pigtails as "handlebars" and makes a "vroom vroom" noise simulating a motorcycle.
"Dam I motorcycled my girl all night long!!"
by someaznninja October 30, 2007
A machine that is rode to make sure you die before natural causes hit you. Great thing to get the blood flowin...and other bodily fluids
Johnny: I got laid 3 times last night because of that motorcycle I swear.

Billy: Orly? Dennis died on his last year.

Johnny: Well atleast he died before a blood clot hit him.
by Brianhogs July 10, 2008
STD, used around hoes with STD'S
"back off cuz shes got that motorcycle"
or just sound of a motorcycle "vroom vroom"
"dont ride dat" followed by "vroom vroom"
by motostreet August 29, 2006
Yo you got a motorcycle ?
by Some nigga February 18, 2003
Internet slang for "absolutely correct" or "I totally agree with you." A contraction of the cryptic phrase "this is the correct motorcycle" of the same meaning.
"FC used to be an interesting place, before the smart people left and the high school kiddies took over"

by I_ate_new_york September 10, 2004

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