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Any wheeled vehicle flying two or more flags. These are often driven by people who, regardless of their background or socioeconomic level, can justly be termed "hicks".

After September 11, some Americans adorned their cars with little flags that affixed to the windows, thus announcing to the highway world the full force and vigor of their Patriotism, which is truer and better than yours. In fact, the flags made them look like the motorcade in the Zapruder film -- whence the term -- and a week or two later the highways were strewn with tattered, broken, muddy, and multiply run-over dime-store degradations of Old Glory that, scientists agree, reflect more accurately the current state of national affairs.

These fools can still be seen today. They are Americans, and far more patriotic than you could ever be; you are the enemy. After all -- how many flags are on *your* car?
gah, another fuckin' motorcade! grab dash yo
by Mick December 27, 2004
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