To place one's face between another's breasts while moving one's head in a side-to-side motion.
Timmy motor boated his girlfriend and she dumped him.
Sex in the tub, and it's good and fast with a nice wake.
Nothing like a good motor boat, just be prepared to clean up the water on the floor as the wake can created a bit of a mess.
by copyright2011 December 15, 2010
The act of placing ones head between breasts and doing a "raspberry".
John - "Man, Mary's tits were so nice, I just Motorboat (ed) the shit out of them!"
by ale x January 15, 2006
Audio that stops decoding correctly and gets stuck on a repetitive, 'motor boat' type sound.
The audio is motor boating, stopped us realising the stream had stopped working.
by Mickey Mouse's Club September 03, 2009
The motor boat is done on a girl's clitoris,(putting your lips together and blowing air through them) making a motor boat soundlike a raspberry or zerbert. a lot more fun than in between the tits for both people.
she only stays with him cause he does the motor boat
by the true motorboater July 10, 2009
Orginally called a "vince vaughn", the motorboat is another name for a mix of Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew Code Red.
Hey man, make me a delicious motorboat.
by heels November 14, 2006
when you rub your head against a female's breasts. also known as a raspberry, a mr. Ed, a cleavage choke, checking the twins, and a scooby-doo.
That chick gave me a motorboat.
by HOTT_CARL July 05, 2007
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