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A male or female who places their head between a female's breasts and shakes back and forth while humming, producing a sound similar to a motorboat in water.
Since she wouldn't give oral sex to me, I motorboate her instead.
by ajs86 February 03, 2009
the act of placing one's face between a woman's breasts and quickly shaking your head in a "no" like gesture left to right while emulating the sound of a motorboat.
friend A: "friend B, i haven't seen you in ages"!
friend B: "friend A you old motorboating son-of-a-bitch! how are you doing"?
by andytheicon April 19, 2009
The act of putting one's face between a voluptuous pair of breasts while making a vibrating noise with one's lips and shaking one's head back and forth between breasts, simulating the sound a motorized boat would make upon water.
That chick's boobs are totally motorboatable.
by J No.5 August 17, 2010
This is when you place you face straight into a females cleavage/breast and do a lip trill making the sound of a motor boat and shaking your head from side to side.

It usually tickles.
"Motor Boat me baby!"

Charlie smiled as he quickly shoved his face into the big breast and made a motor boat sound shaking his head.
by NikkehBabeh February 06, 2010
a motorboat involves a girl with breasts large enough for a human head to fit between them. The owner of the head then proceeds to blow out of their mouth vibrating their lips. This action will make a sound very similar to a motorboat engine, hence the name.
guy leans into woman's breast and blows very hard...... then you have a motorboat
by houseboyt July 18, 2010
To place one's face between another's breasts while moving one's head in a side-to-side motion.
Timmy motor boated his girlfriend and she dumped him.
Sex in the tub, and it's good and fast with a nice wake.
Nothing like a good motor boat, just be prepared to clean up the water on the floor as the wake can created a bit of a mess.
by copyright2011 December 15, 2010