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It's a combination of an 'Angry Goat' and a 'Motor Boat'.

The male specimen tucks his testicles (preferrably large) between his legs so they are exposed from behind.

The recipient applies his tongue (or entire face, depending on the magnitude of the testicles) in between the 'pair' in question, and makes a motor boat noise, whilst moving side to side and blowing a rasberry.

An advanced motor boater will make a goat noise. It's much more impressive.
Sharon got got pissed when Aron exposed the Angry Goat so she gave that son of a bitch a motor goat. Got him real good!
by mothersdayspecial May 08, 2011
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When a guy pulls off the goat and a girl motorboats your ass cheeks.
Dude that bitch motorgoated me last night.
by GreenSix May 05, 2010
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