noun-Latin American Spanish slang for marijuana,usually of low to medium quality.
see marijuana
That guy we met at the bar hooked me up with a little moto, so we can get high before the show.
by Drusus May 14, 2005
1.Short hand name for mobilepohone company Motorola

2.Name of ringtone that now comes with all Motorola Phones.
My Ringtone is called Moto!
by *[e]M[o]_ki[)* April 07, 2007
Shorthand speech for a cellular phone made by Motorola.
Shit, dawg! My Moto be blowin yp!
by KinFreon September 17, 2003
A motorola phat phone
Call me on my moto dawggg!!!
by Lynda-holla March 28, 2003
the act or ability of being a cracker-jap, usually associated with being gay and loving to get hit in the sack repeadedly.
damn, man, why you being so moto?
by jake July 19, 2004
A word used to discreetly describe a beautiful woman. Usually a call and response.
Paul: (Sees a woman) Hmmm, Moto?
Jack: (Also sees woman) Moto!
Paul: Hello, Moto

I.E. - Is she beautiful? Yes she is.
by Tony B. March 19, 2003
someone who has sex with the mentally challenged
Mike fucked Beth last night. Makeing Mike a moto.
by justin2765 September 02, 2006

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