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A strange shaft-driven eye-talian motorcycle. The motor, originally used in tractors, consists of 2 large cylinders jutting upward on each side. Because they last so long, most owners are quirky old men over the age of 60. Often referred to as 'The Italian Harley'.
An often heard remark uttered by a local seen peering at the tank badge: "Modo-GOOZEE?? What the hell kinda Harley is THAT?"
by Vinnie Pastarini July 20, 2005
29 15
A stupid motorbike that is riden by people who fail
Oh yeah its double over head, moto guzzi, quazzi, crunchy demons of supercross, moto guzzi oil motor fast speedy 4 $ 5
by dommie May 24, 2007
4 54