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A chant used in many military branches to augment the "motivation," or spirit of a particular unit. Used notably in many JROTC groups during roll call @ drill meets, athletic tournaments, etc., such a ubiquitous pattern of speech invokes an instinctive human aggression in said unit.

The motivation check, though at times may appear facetious, panders to our need for something funny to say, but in reality allows us to lose our individuality to achieve a collective identity.
"(insert unit here), MOTIVATION CHECK!"

Highly motivated,
Truly dedicated.
Rough, tough, lean, mean.
Motivated, motivated, motivated, (RANK)!
Dedicated, dedicated, dedicated, (RANK)!
I want PT, (rank), I love PT!
I like it, I love it, I want more of it!
Move like lightning, sound like thunder,
We put the enemy six feet under,
(COMPANY)! Move fast, move quick,
Now break it on down like you just won’t quit!
by cptamerica1337 January 22, 2012
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