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Lubricating liquid or gel that helps out the act of plundering one or more sexual orifaces, such as Vasiline, K-Y jelly, butter or motor oil.
Conceited woman (while having sex): "Aren't I tight?"
Conceited man: "No, just full. Get out the motion lotion."
by PeeBee February 01, 2004
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(n) Body or hand lotion primarily used as a masturbation lubricant. It is discernible from traditional lotion in the sense that is is usually found in an obscure or awkward location.
Marvin: Hey man, my skin is so dry...Do you have any kind of lotion?

Tom: Sure, there's a bottle under the couch.

Marvin: Awesome...why do you have lotion under the couch?

Tom: It's my motion lotion.

Marvin: You jack off on the couch?

Tom: Absolutely!

Marvin: Fucking disgusting dude.
by Dr. Stephen Hawesome October 24, 2010
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Motion lotion is a special lotion that the little boys use to jack off. can be found at spencers&such, comes in various scents and colors, and can be used for handjobs. supposivly, it makes the jack-off session more pleasant as the motion lotion is like lube, but specially formulated for your hand, and best friend.
Iann locked himself in the bathroom and got out the motion lotion.
by bruntanng November 07, 2005
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