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Someone who still breast fed when they are not babys anymore.
David: Whats Rick Doing sucking his mom???
Joel: hes having his lunch.
David:But hes 15!!!
Joel: thats because hes a mother sucker
by Joel Wozniak June 28, 2005
Dave didn't want to embarass his grandmother so he said, " Pass the ketchup, mothersucker".
by Dick Splash August 17, 2003
Best pronounced as 'motha sucka', it is the edited version of mother fucker
Back yo ass up motha sucka
by M-Dizzle October 15, 2003
A non-obscene version of motherfucker. Good for situations where swearing is a bad idea.
oh mothersucker! can't believe I just lost!
by UM North Quad August 31, 2010
a sucker of mothers.
I'll kick your ass, you stupid mothersucker!
by connie June 27, 2003
Noun to describe someone who sucks whilst kissing.
Friend 1: Did you kiss anyone at the party last night?
Friend 2: Yeah but she was a mother sucker, my face hurts!
by kristel1987 January 09, 2011