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The word "MotherShitter" is a rarely used cuss word which actually has quite the amount of baring in a non-lethal verbal assault.

The meaning of such a word can be best defined by a "shitter of mothers...." A person who's bowel movements have the capability of produce a mother from time to time.
"Wow John....I seem to have misplaced my mother...I can't seem to find her anywhere!!"

"O Timmy....You've lost your mother?"

"Yes John i do believe i have"

"Well Timmy....PPPBHHBHHHBHHH....."

"O golly Gee John...A new mother!?!?! For me!?!?!'

"Yes indeed Timmy.....The uncertain movements of my bowel have just produced for you a brand new mother to love and care for"

"Shuks John...Your such a lil' MotherShitter!!"
by Austin Wolff July 16, 2006
Rarely used curse word. Similar in use to motherfucker, but less caustic.
Mothershitter! Son of a...ass!
by cazort October 30, 2003
1.substitute for mother-fucker, used by those who love the word shit.
2.refering to the mother of a person that shits.
3.someone that is stupid and ignorant.
2.u are a stupid mother-shitter!!!!!!!!
by Jacob Rice, shitspired by lena February 08, 2004
What Derrek yells when he trips
*Derrek is walking and trips on a crack*---->:"Ahh! you Mother Shitter!"
by Blackstarlink182 July 01, 2003
like motherfucker but with shit instead of fuck. i made this up. im the best mothershitter in the world. worship me, bitches, im jesus.
guy 1: mothershitter that was fucking great!
guy 2: motherfuckingshitter i know!
by stoner_in_kc March 27, 2007
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