A bunch of menstruating old crones who's name shall not be mentioned, (Mother) bent on taking away youth from the rockers, goths, and emos just cuz they obviously don't love thier teens and want to ruin their lives.
Teen: Mother, you bitch! How could you decieve me like this!? *runs into room, slams door*
Old bitchy mother: You'll thank me for joining the Mothers Against Hard Rock someday!!!!
Teen: STFU!!!!!!! You don't love me!!!!! *gets out knife, makes incisions*
A Bunch Of Stupid, Closed Minded Cows Who Want To Attack People Just Like Us,Who Make Music That Can Save Lives And Has Meaning.

I Say If They Took The Time To Find Out The Meaning Of The Lyrics/Songs, They'd Feel Like Retards. And So They Should.

The Members Of Mothers Against Hard Rock Are In The Group Because They Dont Want To Let Out Their Own Phsycological And Physical Problems.
by Karaa September 05, 2007
a godsend group that is banning naughty music
mothers against hard rock should be part of the holy trinity
by Mensturating old crone June 28, 2006
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